I will never forget the beginning of my journey to motherhood, and how it changed my life. It opened my eyes, gave me purpose, and a deeper connection to my loved ones. I love to capture this experience in my family sessions, because I believe your photographs will be a window into your life, the story of who you are, and the beautiful family you have become. I believe your images should forever bring you back to how it felt to become a parent, to that unconditional love you have for your child or children, and to the emotional journey that is parenthood. I hope your images will become an heirloom for your children to pour over as they grow; to show their own children one day, reminding future generations of your family that your story was also the beginning of theirs. These photographs are to last a lifetime.

Timeless, Heartfelt & Intimate

I am lost for words, the pictures are so beautiful, they made me cry. It was really moving watching the slideshow and how beautifully you captured the moments; it’s truly exceptional! You really have such talent, to capture split second moments of emotion so exquisitely! We love them so much! I cannot thank you enough for the beautiful work you have done, I am in awe; you also had both grandmothers crying.
— Tania, Max & Alexia


I am inspired by passionate families who believe in the importance of capturing the most important moments in their lives; in preserving their memories and family legacy, through timeless photographs for future generations to discover.  I am inspired by those who find joy in the simple moments of being close to their loved ones; families who love meaningful photographs which capture their most precious relationships. I love to document the laughter, the tired tears,  the messy hands and faces, and all the cuddles and kisses in between. I am inspired by real life, relationships and the many funny, emotional and wonderful facets of family life. My approach is different to more traditional family or studio photography; the families I capture are looking for natural and authentic imagery in a relaxed environment.

Beautiful Storytelling

Thank you soooooo much! We love them! Watching the slideshow made Matt cry! Beautiful shots of the kids, I can’t believe you managed to get so many of Samuel!! Can’t thank you enough they are just stunning. We will treasure these forever.
— Nikki, Matt, Keeva & Samuel


I see it is a real privilege to be invited into your family and to document the people you love the most. I strive to create personal, unique and beautiful images, which will always bring you back to these moments in your life.

My family sessions are relaxed and natural, and I offer plenty of support both in the run up to your session and during our time together. For the documentary parts of your session, I capture the moments as they naturally unfold; those moments when you soothe your baby, breastfeed, read or sing. With older children this may mean a run around outside or at the park, or the messy chaos of meal times. I love all the unplanned moments waiting to be captured with babies and children. I work around your baby or children's schedule and of course we make time for nappy changes, snack breaks and so on! Nothing is rushed; these sessions are about capturing who you are as a family, rather than overly staged photographs. Above all, I hope to capture everything you love about your family; all of those little moments that will be so wonderful to look back on as the years go by.

When capturing portraits, I provide some gentle direction whilst allowing for the real and honest moments to unfold naturally. This results in truly timeless, heartfelt and intimate portraits which I hope will hang on the walls of your home for years to come. 

I really can’t thank you enough- they are such beautiful images (the light! How do you do that?!). I don’t think we have enough walls for all the photos we want to hang up! We always have such fun and you make us feel so relaxed- the photos are just wonderful and you’ve had us all in tears watching the slideshow.
— Emily, Hassan & Joseph


My style brings a beautiful, elegant and timeless aesthetic to documentary photography, through a combination of soft colours, rich black and white imagery, beautiful light and elegant composition. I love to combine this approach with natural and intimate portraits of you together, leaving you with a meaningful and personal heirloom, crafted to stand the test of time, and forever bring alive your family story.

I believe less is more, and that there is great emotion, beauty & elegance in simplicity.

Oh my gosh Dominique... I love them!!!! How am I ever going to choose which ones to frame for the wall! My baby is soooooo beautiful in these (he is beautiful anyway to me, but it feels like these pictures show everyone else how I see him!) Thank you so much.
— Emily, Pete & Jesse